What causes aids-Healthtipbd


What causes aids-Healthtipbd
What causes aids-Healthtipbd
It is true that death comes from any cause, one of the most common causes being illness.We all get only one life, which we try our best to make it better and longer but the sword of illness always hangs in the swing of life and death.So we are wary of illness and try to overcome it or overcome it thereby increasing our age and status.But we have to keep in mind that even after fighting some diseases we do not lose hope of survival but some diseases are such that we die mentally day after day before they kill us.Today in this article I will tell about one such disease that causes death.Let us tell you how AIDS occurs and what causes aids.  AIDS is known as a very terrible and deadly disease.  If this disease happens to a person then his death is certain.  If India alone is judged, more than 80,000 people die from AIDS.  So to avoid it we need to know what is AIDS and how does it happen?

 What is AIDS?

 AIDS means acquired immune-destroying diseases, which means that AIDS does not start naturally in the human race, but people come to the race for some of their own purposes.  It is an infectious disease caused by infection with a virus called HIV (Immune Deficiency Virus).  When this bacteria enters the body, it reaches the blood and reaches the DNA present in the white blood cells, divides and attacks the white blood cells.  It gradually lowers the white blood cell count.  The lack or end of which immediately ends the body's immunity to disease.  These germs do not die after entering the body.  And this situation is called AIDS.

 AIDS is because of two viruses, HIV-1 and HIV-2.

 HIV-1 is the most common virus in the world, while HIV-2 is found in West Africa.

 These two viruses are retrovirus species and mix their own DNA with human DNA and stick with that human's DNA for life.

 According to scientists, this virus found in the human body came from the monkey species in humans because the HIV found in monkeys and the HIV rash in the human body are very similar.

 The virus was first discovered in humans between 1930 and 1940.  It was made that the disease was traced among some African tribes who ate monkey meat, and from it spread all over the world.

 India is known as the third largest country in the world in terms of the number of AIDS patients.

 It is important to know that HIV is not spread by touching.  AIDS is spread only through bodily fluids such as saliva, blood, and semen released during sexual intercourse.

What causes aids

1. Vaginal, anal and oral sex

 The virus enters your body through unprotected sex with a person infected with HIV/AIDS.  This virus can also enter someone's body by kissing but it is less likely because the HIV virus in the saliva is weak and only if 1 to 2 liters of saliva are exchanged between each other's body during kissing, there is a chance of becoming HIV positive.

 2.By mother

 If the HIV virus is present in the mother's body at the time of delivery, the virus can also enter the baby's body.  If the mother's HIV virus is released after giving birth, it can also be passed on to the baby through breast-feeding.  About 30% of children are infected with HIV/AIDS from birth due to lack of proper measures.


 Needles used by an HIV/AIDS patient can spread HIV/AIDS if they are shared with another person.


 Surgical instruments i.e. surgical instruments used to perform surgery, if the instruments used on the body of HIV/AIDS patients are not properly washed and used on the body of another patient, then HIV/AIDS can spread.

 5.Infected blood

 If the blood of a person with HIV/AIDS is used without testing, it can cause HIV/AIDS.

 6.Mucous membrane

 A person can develop HIV/AIDS if HIV-infected blood sticks to the mucous membrane that surrounds the body's internal organs and is the top layer of all cavities.  If the twin is injured and the blood of the injured person gets infected with HIV AIDS, then the HIV virus present in the blood of the injured person enters the body of the other person.

 The above causes spread of HIV/AIDS but it is not necessary that the disease must be contracted for this reason.  It depends on how strong the HIV virus is.  If the weak HIV virus is still in someone's body, it is possible that the person may not have HIV/AIDS.

 Unfortunately there are many misconceptions about HIV in the world.This is why it is important to know that HIV is not spread for any reason.

  •  Insect bites
  •  Through the urine and sweat of an HIV-infected person
  •  When using the toilet or swimming pool
  •  If using towels or clothes of people with HIV AIDS
  •  By touching or working together with HIV AIDS patients
  •  Playing on the same plate with HIV AIDS patients
  •  HIV AIDS does not spread even if an HIV AIDS patient sneezes or laughs in front of someone.

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