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Travel insurance
Travel insurance

Traveling is an important and regular event in everyone's life.Traveling to new destinations always brings joy, excitement and thrill.  However, when exploring new places you may need a support system that protects you from unexpected emergencies such as lost luggage, trip delays or even a medical emergency.

 So a 'essential travel back up insurance' is very important!While talking about travel insurance, let's take a deeper look at its types like travel health insurance, student travel insurance, cover provided, comparison across policies and travel insurance companies in India.

What is Travel insurance.

 Travel insurance is often purchased to cover the cost of any unexpected loss or damage that may occur while traveling.Most tour insurance policies usually cover expenses that may arise due to trip cancellation, lost luggage, theft, a medical problem or even a plane hijack.  Although this policy does not guarantee security, it serves as a safeguard against unexpected losses due to unforeseen events.It acts as a protection against unexpected losses due to unforeseen events while away from home.It gives a sense of security while away from home. Nowadays, many countries have made travel insurance mandatory for tourists.Travel insurance is usually based on the frequency of travel.Most policies offer 24-hour emergency assistance during your travels, especially abroad.

 Types of Travel Insurance.

  •  Travel health insurance.
  •  Single and multi trip insurance.
  •  Student travel insurance.

 Travel insurance policy coverage.

  •  Lost passport.
  •  Loss of luggage, travel documents etc.
  •   Accident related to delay or trip missed flight, etc. Medical emergency like accident or illness loss of driving license.
  •  Relief facility in case of hijacking.
  •  Emergency dental assistance Funeral expenses abroad.
  •   Cashless hospitalization for senior citizens.

  These are some common exclusions in a travel policy-

  1.  Baggage delay for less than 24 hours
  2.  lost key
  3.   Missed flights or trains in case of local protests or civil war
  4.  No cover for pre-existing diseases Self-inflicted injuries Alcohol or drug addiction
  5.  Losing passport in public place.

  There are many groups in India that provide tour insurance.The main mistake that people often make is that they blindly choose the cheapest policy.To avoid such mistakes, make sure you understand each policy carefully and buy the one that suits you best.  So, if you have plans to travel in the near future, buy travel insurance and make your trip risk-free!

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