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Cesarean section
Cesarean section

Cesarean section, also known as a cesarean delivery, is a type of surgery that is performed on a mother's abdomen and uterus to deliver one or more babies.It is usually done when natural vaginal delivery through the birth canal is not possible, or if it is possible, the life or health of the mother or baby would be threatened.

 In some cases,  cesarean section may be pre-planned if the woman has some complications during the pregnancy.Doctors can tell in advance to reduce the risk for both mother and baby.Generally, cesarean delivery is avoided before 39 weeks of pregnancy or full term.  However, if some complications occur, the baby is delivered by cesarean section before 39 weeks.

 Why C-Section/Caesarean Operation is done?

Cesarean section
Cesarean section-Healthtipbd
If pregnant women have difficulties in normal delivery, i.e. there is a risk to the life of the mother or the baby, then the doctor can resort to caesarean operation.Cesarean section may also be performed due to complications during delivery.This is called an emergency C-section delivery.Apart from this, cesarean operation can also be done if the pregnant woman is not suitable for vaginal delivery.

 There may be other reasons for which a doctor may perform a cesarean section.They are:

  •  Baby's head is too big (macrocephaly)
  •  The child has developmental status
  •  If the mother has health problems like BP, sugar, heart disease etc
  •  The woman has already had a caesarean operation
  •  If the mother has an active infection in the birth canal that can spread to the baby
  •  Having multiple children in the womb (about
  •  Any complications with the placenta such as placenta previa (placenta covering the opening of the uterus) or accreta (placenta growing deep into the uterine wall)
  •  When the baby comes out, it comes out through the shoulder first
  •  If the baby's feet come out first
  •  Reduced oxygen supply to the baby
  •  If the mother has a large fibroid blocking the birth canal
  •  If labor does not progress
  •  Prolapse of the umbilical cord

 Preparation before C-Section/Caesarean Operation,

 Some of the following preparations should be made before cesarean surgery.  As advised by gynecologist:

  1.  Get a blood test
  2.  Check for an anesthesia permit
  3.  Plan the surgery
  4.  Take medicine as per doctor's advice
  5.  Do not eat anything before surgery.
  6.  Day of surgery
  7.  Do a simple test
  8.  Keep the doctor's advice in mind
  9.  A catheter will be placed in the urethra before the procedure.Besides, the hair around the genitals should be removed
  10.  An IV line will be placed

 How is a C-section/Cesarean operation performed?

 After all the preparations are done, the patient is usually given regional anesthesia (spinal or epidural anesthesia) to numb the area.The doctor makes an incision in the pregnant woman's lower abdomen.It is also called bikini cut.Usually, this intersection is horizontal.But in severe cases, it can also be vertical.

 Once the uterus is visible after the abdominal incision, the doctor makes an incision on the uterus and takes out the baby.

 After clamping both ends the umbilical cord is cut in the middle.After that, the baby is handed over to the nurse so that she can clean the baby properly.Then the mother can hold the baby.Later, the placenta is removed.The time from abdominal incision to birth of the fetus is usually 5 minutes.After surgery, the incision is closed with stitches.

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